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INFORMATION - Race Direction Decisions for the 2023 FIM JuniorGP™ Season


Race Direction for the Finetwork FIM JuniorGP™ World Championship informs riders and teams about new details and changes applicable to the 2023 season:

-On Saturday at the start of every Practice or Qualifying session, or after a red flag, the pit lane will be open for 60 seconds. After that time the riders will be stopped at the end of the pit lane for 5 seconds from the preceding rider. The pit line Marshall will count 5 seconds and will inform the riders when they will be allowed to enter the track. Not respecting the Marshall indications will be penalized.

-On Saturday, if a rider crashes in the last 3 minutes of any of the sessions, they will not be able to get back on track. They must return to the pits along the service road or with a pick-up.

-There will be no Warm Up sessions on Sunday.

-The ETC last chance race will be held on Sunday, with a minimum of 12 riders.

JuniorGP™ class

Grid positions will be determined by the fastest lap time recorded by each rider in the Saturday Practice and two Qualifying sessions as follows:

-Based on practice times, the 14 fastest riders in Practice will go directly through to Q2 (15').

-All other riders will take part in Q1 (15'). The fastest 4 riders from Q1 progress to Q2.

-The 18 riders in Q2 will take the first 18 grid positions according to their fastest lap time in Q2. The grid positions from 19 upwards will be determined by the remaining fastest lap times of Q1.

Moto2™ ECh, ETC and Stock ECh remain with 2 Qualifying sessions of 40 minutes.


-On Thursday and Friday (Testing Days) two free practice sessions of 40 minutes will be held per category per day.

-The Circuit will now charge the same fee for each Testing Day (Thursday and/or Friday). The payment shall be for the whole Testing Day.

-The use of a helmet is mandatory when riding any scooter/motor vehicle around all areas of the track and paddock.

-Due to the huge number of participants, it may happen that not all teams/riders can be allocated in a garage. If you do not appear on the garage list published on the Tuesday before the race, this means you will not have a garage. Teams are then responsible for providing themselves with a tent in order to work on their bike(s).

The FIM JuniorGP™ Championship regulations will be updated accordingly.

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